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Crafty Compendium — Holiday Art Sales

Crafty Compendium — Holiday Art Sales

In galleries and garages all over town, artists and crafters are fixing to save you a trip to the mall. Here's a sampling of upcoming holiday sales.

High-Altitude for the Holidays


St. Mary's Art Center is a Victorian-era hospital-turned-art-venue. Throughout the year it hosts writers' retreats, art workshops, and gallery shows. The halls are decorated with artifacts from Virginia City's 19th-century heyday and abstract paintings made this year. Sometimes artists from other cities and countries settle in for a month or two to get some work done.  

On the first Saturday in December, the entire three-story building will be filled with gifts made by a veritable who's who of the region's artists. If you don't recognize any of the names on this list, you should get out more.

Reno's Jake Houston and the Tin Can String Band strike up the honky-tonk. Beer, mulled wine, and s'mores headline the refreshments menu. In keeping with St. Mary's proprietary blend of international sophistication and down-home charm, works are priced in the $5 - $8000 range.


Art Faire on the Comstock

St. Mary's Art Center

5 N. R St., Virginia City

Dec. 6, 10 am – 4pm

$1 entry fee; Silent auction of works donated by artists in residence

Inherently Indy

 In between punk and hardcore concerts, video premieres, CD release parties, and a "salon-style discussion series," the all-ages makers and crafters of Holland Project carve out time to set up tables and sell their hand-sewn quilts, wood-fired pottery, letter-pressed cards, semi-precious jewelry, small-batch soaps, and coveted homemade pickles. 

Naturally, a group with this serious a DIY ethos does not run a craft fair without endeavoring to teach you a thing or two. Hence the Make-Your-Own-Wrapping Paper station.


Rogue Art + Craft Village

The Holland Project

140 Vesta St., Reno

Dec. 13, 10 am – 4pm

Putting the Fun in "Function"

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.09.46 PM.png


I'm not talking about Hello-Kitty, Hummel-cutesy fun. I'm talking about the way ceramicist Joan Miller decorates her pitchers, mugs, and jars with dynamic textures or petroglyph imagery.

Each December, Joan invites a few like-minded artists over, and they set up shop so you can shop. This sale includes Sherri Dangberg's hand-knitted items, Barbara Harmon's jewelry, and Bryn McCubbin's fused glass creations.

Blue Lotus Pottery Holiday Sale

3325 Norman Dr., Reno


Dec. 6, 11 am – 3 pm


Dynamic Dickerson Duo

If it's a household item that can be made of metal or clay, you'll probably find it here. The Wedge Ceramics Studio teams up with neighboring Infinity Forge to offer a huge selection of cups, bowls, sculpture, jewelry, plates, vases, birdhouses, bottle openers, tea lights, belt buckles, and everyone's favorite stocking stuffer, steak hooks.

The event includes a fundraiser to benefit equipment upgrades at Wedge. For $30, get a bowl made by a Wedge potter, a spoon forged by an Infinity blacksmith, and a ladle of chili so you can test your new wares on the spot.


 3rd Annual Chilly Cash + Carry Pottery + Metal Sale

The Wedge Ceramics Studio

2095 Dickerson Rd., Reno

Dec. 13 + 14

10 am – 5:30 pm

Sunday Drive

You can spend half the day getting a parking space at the mall, or you can spend half a day touring the triple hitter of pottery studios north of town. It's up to you.  

Start in Lemmon Valley at Dale Pappas' Peavine Studio, where the news this year is that Dale's taken up a new medium. In addition to his beautifully crafted mugs and teapots, you'll see handsome new, wooden bowls, fresh off the lathe.

A little further north, Joe Winter pushes technical and conceptual envelopes forward but never turns his back on traditional pottery techniques. Recently, he's been making growlers and whiskey bottles for regional breweries and distilleries. He uses laser-cut templates, yet the end products look like they're from last-century's jug bands.

Joe's wife, Shiho, makes covered boxes and small ceramic sculptures. Their recent collaborations — her traditional Japanese paintings on his North-Carolina-flavored vases — are a harmonious meeting of the minds.

Just down the road Paul Herman of Great Basin Pottery recently fired his wood-burning kiln for the 30th time. Do you get how much work that is? It's a two-week-long process wherein a dozen people take turns tending a kiln the size of a small bedroom, 24/7, which is why it only happens twice a year. The wood ash melting onto the pottery results in some incomparably interesting finishes. If that doesn't redefine your concept of "labor-intensive," consider that Paul also sometimes mines and crushes his own rocks and minerals to make glazes with, resulting in finishes you won't see anywhere else. I kid you not, his granite-glazed cups look like, well, melted granite.

Peavine Pottery Holiday Sale

Dec. 6, 9 am – 4 pm

295 Oregon Blvd., Lemmon Valley



Joe Winter Pottery Holiday Sale

Dec. 6, 7, 13, 14, 20 + 21, 10 am – 5 pm

16620 Fetlock Dr., Reno (About 35 miles north of downtown Reno.)



Great Basin Pottery Holiday Sale

Dec. 6, 7, 13, 14, 20 + 21, 10 am – 3 pm

423-725 Scott Rd., Doyle, CA (Also about 35 miles north of downtown Reno.)


Deck the Walls

 Art Walk Reno's featured printmakers and painters assemble at Sierra Arts for a gallery show that's also a holiday sale, namely: Bryce Chisholm, Natasha Stanton, Erik Holland, Mallory Mishler, Candace Nicol, Michelle Nelsen, Rachael Holton, Monika Piper Johnson, Josie Luciano, and The Nevada Woodchucks.  

If you buy a picture off the wall, you'll have to wait till after New Year's Day to pick it up, but there's also a selection of cash-and-carry prints and wood sculptures for purchase before Christmas.



Through Dec. 31, Reception Dec. 4, 5-7 pm

Sierra Arts Gallery

17 S. Virginia St., Reno



Treatments and Treats

I have to admit I’m not sure what a "Women's Haircut w/ Express Amino Fusion" is, but I do know that on the Saturday before Christmas, Eye Candy Salon becomes a mini artisan pop-up mall where you can get your handmade tote bags, jewelry, knitted gloves, headbands, and fragrances in the same place you get your extensions, color lock, and lip wax. So if you need to be looking freshly spruced and bearing a crafty gift for your party host, this sounds like a good place to take care of both of those both in one stop.

Stuff Your Sock Craft Fair

Eye Candy Salon

Dec. 20, 2-5 pm

122 W. 2nd St., Reno


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