Dry Spell — The non-drinkers' nightlife survival guide

Not drinking? Want to have fun? This is how you roll.

Reno News + Review Bars + Clubs Guide, March 3, 2016




A Bottle Worthy of the Craft

Distiller Tom Adams makes 19th-century revival whiskey. Potter Joe Winter makes 19th-century revival whiskey bottles. 

Microshiner, Feb. 18, 2016

 PHOTO: Kris Vagner

PHOTO: Kris Vagner

Art in the park

A downtown sculpture park is slated to open this summer, with exhibits that rotate annually, curated by different experts

Reno News & Review, Feb. 4, 2016

 PHOTO: Kris Vagner

PHOTO: Kris Vagner




Just as you thought you couldn't possibly stand one more bird picture, along comes Emily Arthur.

RENO NEWS & REVIEW, Dec. 31, 2015

A milestone anniversary

Franz Szony designed this year's Artown poster. To picture his style, think Rocky Horror meets Rococo. 

Reno Magazine, July/Aug. 2015

Preparing Your Homeschooler for College

Is your family is homeschooling, considering homeschooling, or just wondering how homeschoolers make the leap from home to college? I talked with experts and families to get some some tips.

Parents Press, September, 2015



off the wall

Liberty Street Murals

Reno News & Review, July 2, 2015

homecoming kings

Franz Szony and Tim Snider

Reno News & Review, June 25, 2015

Single Entendres

Michelle Lassaline

Reno News & Review, June 25, 2015

room with a view

Nada Dada 2015

Reno News & Review, June 18, 2015

Three of a kind

An exhibit in Fallon of three veteran Reno artists is a study in diverging paths

Reno News & Review, June 4, 2015


A national conference of young thinkers mixed, mingled and jump-started urban renewal projects here in Reno.

Reno News & Review, May 28, 2015


film studies

A former curator of the University of Nevada art galleries wrote a book on French filmmaker Claire Denis. 

Reno News & Review, May 28, 2015


power to the press

Reno Press/Studio 3 caters to beginning printmakers

Reno News & Review, May 21, 2015



photographic memory

Nolan Preece has shot and developed thousands of photographs of just about every type there is. 

Reno News & Review, May 15, 2015


animal friends

Kids and teens are valuable volunteers at the Nevada Humane Society 

Reno News & Review, May 7, 2015


children of the earth

Want to get your kids involved in conservation efforts? Here's how.

Reno News & Review, May 7, 2015


Soaked in history

A local craft distillery re-released a whiskey first made on the Nevada frontier before the Civil War

Reno News & Review, May 7, 2015


natural art world

Two artists build sculptures that double as conservation projects—including one on the Truckee River

Reno News & Review, March 26, 2015


curiouser and curator

JoAnne Northrup, director of contemporary art initiatives at the Nevada Museum of Art, has been tasked with raising the museum's international profile

Reno News & Review, March 26, 2015


down under painting

An exhibition of Australian Aboriginal art comes to Reno

Reno News & Review, March 5, 2015